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Marketing Philosophy

Prove is a new kind of customer acquisition, retention, technology, and analytics agency. Our philosophy is to employ a series of communications to our audience utilizing Mass Personalization.

We call it Acqretention™ - the process of converting an anonymous audience that is always just a click away from the competition into Connected Prospects.

Acqretention™ enables us to:

  • Increase the relevancy of message, offer, and content earlier
  • Shift brand preference less expensively
  • Retain the engagement of prospective customers who are earlier in the buying cycle

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Little Bets Equal Big Wins

The Promise of Connected Prospects

Prove has evolved customer acquisition and retention to capitalize on the new realities that the customer is in charge. This is different from the old advertising model because we employ a series of Little Bets.

Traditional Marketing:

  • Broad Awareness and Consideration Focus (TV, Radio, Print)
  • Anonymous Non-Segmented Digital
  • Non-Personalized Purchase
  • Customer Letter

Acqretention™ Approach:

  • Traditional Media with Actionable CTAs
  • Mass Personalized Digital
  • Content Emails, SMS, Push
  • Notifications, Social PMs
  • Personalized web and app assets
  • Personalized Purchase

Execution Methodology

In support of our Little Bets approach, we execute initiatives differently.

Ramp Up. Maximize Learnings. Minimize Risk. Incorporate Successes. Rinse. Repeat.

  • Launch Fast: Get into market quickly
  • Test & Optimize: Test multiple variations
  • Learn Fast: Eliminate failing components quickly
  • Evolve: Systematically incorporate learnings

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