AUTHOR: Steve Smythe

eCommerce Audit & Assessment For Fashion Apparel Brand

What can you do to accelerate your current pace of growth? We recently partnered with a major fashion apparel brand who felt their acquisition and retention agency needs were met, but were seeking additional opportunities for accelerated growth.

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Black Friday Brawls Or Magical Mobile Experiences

by Steve Smythe (Google+)
Posted on October 14, 2015 in Analytics, Mobile Strategy & Development.

More consumers did their Black Friday online shopping on mobile than on desktop. Find out what it takes to provide an excellent shopping experience for your mobile customers.

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The Anatomy of a Good Lander: Six Rules to Building Great Landing Pages

by Steve Smythe (Google+)
Posted on October 14, 2015 in Content Marketing.

If you’re spending the advertising money to drive traffic to a landing page, you need to not only have a watertight landing page that's properly designed but a clear intention of what you want your user to do when they get to the page.

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Why ECommerce Needs a Sound Mobile Strategy Now, More Than Ever

by Steve Smythe (Google+)
Posted on October 14, 2015 in Mobile Strategy & Development, Social Media.

Facebook hasn't given up on trying to crack the code for retail success. Having tested out a series of call-to-action ads last summer (similar to the in-ad "Buy" buttons that have been popping up on sites like Amazon and Pinterest), the company more recently announced that it is resurrecting its showroom-style in-page sales solution.

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Why You Should Create A Customer Journey Roadmap

We use a roadmap to illustrate the the customer's touchpoints and interactions with your brand. What does your customer's journey look like, and how can a roadmap help you understand the most effective ways to communicate with your customers?

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Construct a Mobile-First Experience That's Designed to Deliver

Delivering on audience expectations means enabling consumers to engage with your business on their terms–whenever, wherever, and however they want to connect. Learn how to enhance your digital presence so that consumers know that your business is committed to their complete satisfaction.

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