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Paid Promotions That Go Beyond the Banner

by Matthew Poldberg (Google+)
Posted on September 26, 2016 in Media Services.

Paid Promotions That Go Beyond the Banner

Gone are the days of simple web advertising–the modern digital realm is abound with paid opportunities offering plenty of ways to maximize the impact of your brand’s message while minimizing your costs. But where do the best opportunities lie? Here are some of the top ways you can put paid support behind your business, online.

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The Four Key Technologies All Political Marketers Should Leverage

Elections are rarely won or lost in the voting booth anymore. Learn how to find the most receptive voters in your target population, and forge an initial connection that you can build on through your messaging strategy.

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Facebook Rolls Out Canvas For Organic Page Posts

by Jodi Harris (Google+)
Posted on June 08, 2016 in Media Services, Social Media.

Businesses on Facebook will soon be able to add Facebook canvases to their organic posts. Canvases, which offer a creative combination of image, text, video, and CTA buttons, were previously available only as sponsored post content.

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Facebook Rules On Sponsored Content

by Jodi Harris (Google+)
Posted on June 07, 2016 in Media Services, Social Media.

Facebook just upped the stakes in the lucrative native advertising game. But what can you do to make sure the engagement odds are tilted in your brand's favor?

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Don't Condemn Your Campaign Without A Test Run

Last year Google quietly rolled out Draft Campaigns, which enable us to create multiple alternate drafts of an AdWords campaign and run the resulting Experiments as A/B tests against the original. How can this opt-in beta feature be used to optimize new lead and customer acquisition? Read here to find out.

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Can Facebook Paint Canvas as a Picture of Sustained Mobile Engagement?

Facebook's Canvas tool attempts to delight users and marketers with engaging and relevant rich-media content. How does it work, and does it work at all? Read here to find out.

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Are You Still Using Flash Technology For Ads & Rich Media? Here’s Another Good Reason To Stop Immediately

by Vincent Cevalte (Google+)
Posted on August 15, 2015 in Media Services.

In the past few weeks, both Chrome and Firefox announced that they would no longer support Flash based elements on their browsers.

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