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Are You Overpaying for Walled-Garden Ad Access?

by David Shor (Google+)
Posted on October 06, 2016 in Social Media.

Are You Overpaying for Walled-Garden Ad Access?

If your business buys video ads on Facebook, we hope you've taken note of the social network's recent mea culpa about a faulty metric that may have vastly overestimated average viewing time on the platform. Read our analysis on how minor miscalculations like these could lead to costly marketing decisions, and see what we recommend doing to protect

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Is Your Online Customer Service Leaving Passengers Up In The Air?

by Jodi Harris (Google+)
Posted on June 09, 2016 in Social Media.

With air travel having become such an evenly matched marketplace, the level of customer service you provide can make or break the public's perception of your brand's value.

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Facebook Rolls Out Canvas For Organic Page Posts

by Jodi Harris (Google+)
Posted on June 08, 2016 in Media Services, Social Media.

Businesses on Facebook will soon be able to add Facebook canvases to their organic posts. Canvases, which offer a creative combination of image, text, video, and CTA buttons, were previously available only as sponsored post content.

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Facebook Rules On Sponsored Content

by Jodi Harris (Google+)
Posted on June 07, 2016 in Media Services, Social Media.

Facebook just upped the stakes in the lucrative native advertising game. But what can you do to make sure the engagement odds are tilted in your brand's favor?

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Facebook Plans To Close Desktop Retargeting Platform November 2016

by Matthew Poldberg (Google+)
Posted on May 27, 2016 in Social Media.

How will Facebook respond as consumer use shifts from desktop to mobile? More important, how will advertisers react?

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Can Facebook Paint Canvas as a Picture of Sustained Mobile Engagement?

Facebook's Canvas tool attempts to delight users and marketers with engaging and relevant rich-media content. How does it work, and does it work at all? Read here to find out.

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Why ECommerce Needs a Sound Mobile Strategy Now, More Than Ever

by Steve Smythe (Google+)
Posted on April 08, 2016 in Mobile Strategy & Development, Social Media.

Facebook hasn't given up on trying to crack the code for retail success. Having tested out a series of call-to-action ads last summer (similar to the in-ad "Buy" buttons that have been popping up on sites like Amazon and Pinterest), the company more recently announced that it is resurrecting its showroom-style in-page sales solution.

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Are You Attending to Your Audience's Engagement Span?

How to win the attention of audiences in a very large and noisy crowd.

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Is Data Enough to Close the Loop on Social Media Measurement?

by Jamie Stevenson (Google+)
Posted on January 11, 2016 in Social Media.

Facebook Global Business Solutions has just announced some exciting enhancements to the Conversion Lift Measurement program it unveiled earlier this year.

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Instagram’s “Hyperlapse” puts a $10,000 camera rig in your pocket, for free.

by Matthew Poldberg (Google+)
Posted on November 11, 2014 in Social Media.

Finally out of Beta! Instagram has finally released Hyperlapse to the general public and the results are stunning.

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Now Available: Twitter Analytics For Personal Accounts

by Matthew Poldberg (Google+)
Posted on October 24, 2014 in Analytics, Social Media.

Any Twitter user can now access basic Analytics for their own account through a simple dashboard on Twitter’s website. This feature was once reserved for advertisers and Verified accounts, but has now been rolled out to the Public.

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