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By: ProveDev

It should come as no surprise that an agency called Prove believes in backing up every marketing program with compelling evidence that it will work by A/B testing. Our entire business model is built on applying data­-driven insights to performance­-driven techniques; and because we don't waste time or budget on guessing games, our clients achieve greater marketing success, quickly and cost effectively.

Prove Condemn Test Run

So when Google quietly rolled out a Draft Campaigns and Experiments component for AdWords late last year (as discussed in this Search Engine Roundtable article), we were excited to take it for a test drive.

Currently an opt­-in beta feature, Draft Campaigns enables us to create multiple alternate drafts of an AdWords campaign and run the resulting Experiments as A/B tests against the original. Using this feature, we can try out several optimization variables at once, then gauge the comparative impact of each one in a controlled staging environment. This helps us quickly identify statistically significant opportunities to improve our clients' campaigns, and put them into play with fewer costly delays or missteps.

The experimental campaigns are drafted and served using a portion of a client's existing AdWords budget; so there's also no need to increase allocations or sacrifice the success potential of a live campaign to take advantage of the testing tool. This functionality flexibility allows us to better understand budget and performance impacts before making recommendations to our clients.

As part of our signature Acqretention™ methodology, we rely on agile, performance-­driven techniques like this to power every program we plan and execute.

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