Tags: Influencer Marketing, Ecommerce

By: Sarah Feret

Facebook has recently announced new restrictions for posts and advertising with CBD, vapes, alcohol and other age-restricted items.

What's New?

Facebook and Instagram have implemented a policy restricting organic content related to alcohol and tobacco products. The new rules prohibit brands from promoting private sales, trades, transfers and gifting of these products to users under the age of 18. While this may seem like an obvious ban, Facebook’s crackdown on content may have much farther reaching implications in the future.

wine on table

Who does it impact?

Businesses in the CBD and alcohol industries face many barriers when it comes to advertising. Facebook typically errs on the side of being more conservative when it comes to age-restricted products. In many cases, there is a lot of gray area when it comes to using influencers. It is very possible to cross the line and not realize you are in violation. Facebook can shut down or suspend accounts without warning.

The fact that Facebook is publicly announcing new rules for posts with CBD or alcohol brings more clarity where there wasn't before. With influencer marketing starting to become an established channel for digital marketing, there is more insight on what can and can’t be posted or advertised.