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By: ProveDev

When Facebook Exchange (FBX) was launched several years ago, marketers rejoiced (as did we). We loved that we could reach our B2C and B2B audiences within Facebook after they had visited our clients’ websites so as to stay in front of them while they are considering our clients’ products and services. But with the shift in visitor behavior from desktop to mobile, the legacy FBX technology became obsolete and, recently, Facebook's VP of Product Monetization announced that the social media giant will shut down FBX as of November this year.

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Have no fear. Facebook has been working together with third-party platforms such as Perfect Audience to ensure a seamless transition of display retargeting campaigns to the new Custom Audiences platform. A Perfect Audience representative informed us that "campaigns and impressions will continue to seamlessly serve on Perfect Audience with no interruptions when this happens in Q4 2016."

Do your paid media efforts currently include display remarketing? We are happy to talk with you about the options as you consider how to leverage Facebook’s global audience targeting platform we love.