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By: ProveDev

A little loyalty can go a long way. Consider the case of video game retailer GameStop, whose PowerUp Rewards loyalty program recently celebrated its five­year anniversary:

Customer Loyalty Programs

According to an article on MediaPosts's Email Marketing Daily, GameStop's program has accrued 32 million members, who account for nearly 75% of the company's sales and spent just under an estimated $7 billion in 2014. That's the kind of marketing success a company can bank on.

Considering the costs associated with acquiring and converting new prospects, loyalty programs represent a remarkable opportunity to reward your customers with offers that are tailored to their personal interests — like product discounts, promotional gear, and access to exclusive events. Even more importantly, these programs can be combined with email marketing to create a powerful and cost­effective way to foster ongoing engagement while driving increased sales.

How powerful? Data from 500Friends shows that loyalty­powered emails can increase ROI by more than 50% when compared to regular promotional content. Moreover, a BlueHornet study found that 98% of consumers said they were influenced by a marketing email to make a purchase.

Of course, not every business will find success with loyalty programs, or email marketing, or any popular marketing technique, no matter what it's potential. That's why we at Prove custom­ build every solution we provide for our clients, based on our analysis of each company's unique brand value, audience insights, and strategic goals. We develop a specific matrix that can be executed across all the digital channels that make sense, and then continue to adjust those blueprints for optimal success.

Could a loyalty program be the right path to increased customer engagement and better ROI for your business? We would be happy to help you find the answer to that question — and any others you might have.