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By: ProveDev

Content marketing is a hot buzzword, and one of the most popular emerging trends in marketing — particularly for B2B businesses. So when we came across a controversially titled article, "Content Marketing Doesn't Work," that Forbes recently published, it immediately piqued our curiosity.

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Once we read it, we started to understand the author's point. Content marketing requires three fundamental components to be successful: a long-term commitment, high-quality content, and a focus on the right target audience. Your message also needs to be delivered on the appropriate channels to engage that audience at the precise time they need it most. In contrast, many companies are just pumping out endless streams of self-promotional noise that doesn't add value to their customers' lives. Or, they are publishing at random times, through too many channels to sustain, without a clue as to what those efforts might accomplish.

Businesses that don't have a strategy for consistent, targeted content creation, or that aren't prepared to speak to their customers' needs — rather than their own interests — will never realize the full benefits content marketing can provide.

What’s the Solution?

At Prove, content marketing fuels every strategy we develop. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all efforts, so we customize each and every program — from persona development, to topic selection, to determining the right channels and formats for communicating with your target audience on their terms.

In Conclusion….

If you are looking to navigate the waters of content marketing, don't set sail without a solid plan for keeping your audience engaged and achieving your goals. Let us help you steer your ship in the right direction, right from the start.