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By: ProveDev

Despite how excellent the care is at your healthcare organization, your online experience might still be suffering from a big problem when it comes to driving patient engagement.

Healthy Marketing

The Diagnosis: Lack Of Customer Focus

At a time when consumers are more reliant than ever on online information to help them discover trustworthy, high-quality health services and providers, a poorly conceived website, or mobile solution that isn't responsive to their needs, is as good as a death sentence for your marketing program.

Consider this: a recent article we discovered on Healthcare IT News cites a lack of customer focus as a top reason why health IT marketing efforts fall short of achieving their goals. If consumers encounter a website, mobile experience, or other content effort that's difficult to navigate, or is full of self-serving statements instead of valuable guidance and straightforward information, why would they expect that their experience as a patient would be any less frustrating?

On the other hand, a second article, from HealthLeaders Media, discusses the marketing benefits of developing responsive, patient-focused features and functionalities, such as:

  • Timely News Articles and Advice
  • Helpful Cost Management Tools
  • Seamlessly Integrated Cross-Channel Experience

Not only do these types of informative, high-quality assets illustrate your organization's commitment to top-notch healthcare, they reinforce your reputation as a provider that truly cares about the health of its patients.

What's The Solution?

As the team at Prove sees it, both of these articles highlight how essential it is to be able to understand your audience:

  • Who they are
  • What concerns they are looking to address
  • What information they need to make informed healthcare decisions
  • What motivates them to take action on these decisions

We gather insights like these as part of our signature Acqretention™ process, so every marketing effort we develop is intrinsically audience-focused and promotes rapid customer conversion every step of the way.
Being seen as a leader in high value healthcare means providing high value online content and services. Let us give your marketing plan a thorough check-up and see how we can help you create a more satisfying patient experience online.