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By: ProveDev

Here's a common agency experience we think you might be able to relate to:

To stay profitable, agencies often build their operations around offering a signature suite of the marketing services their client base needs most. They hone their skill sets accordingly, and their clients come to trust and rely on their expertise in these focal areas.


Inevitably, though, there comes a time when a client wants to pursue the "next big thing" in marketing. And if it happens that the strategy or service in question falls outside the agency's core competency, they are left scrambling to fulfill the client's needs — or, worse, are put at risk of losing the business.

If this is a challenge you can see your agency struggling with, now might be the perfect time to get to know Prove and the services we offer.

We understand the need for agencies to focus on their signature strengths if they want to remain competitive and profitable. But we also recognize just how critical it is to have the right partnerships in place, so they can provide cutting edge marketing services without sacrificing the quality or depth of experience that they already bring to the table.

In fact, this is one of the primary reasons we chose to build Prove as an "Agency for Agencies."

Prove specializes in providing a wide range of specialized marketing services that other agencies typically outsource, including:

  • Mobile/web application development
  • Technology/system integrations
  • Digital and business analytics
  • Marketing automation/eCRM
  • Search engine marketing and optimization
  • Programmatic media buying
  • Programmatic creative versioning
  • Digital strategy and digitally-concepted product strategy

Moreover, Prove functions as a true service partner, acting as a bolt-on whenever and wherever your organization needs to enhance its capabilities — from the beginning of the RFP process to ongoing optimization of the campaigns we help you put in place.

Our unique approach has helped our agency partners win highly competitive new business accounts, expand their capabilities, and deliver sophisticated marketing services to clients like Procter & Gamble, Chase Bank, Disney, Southern California Edison, Hyundai, Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau, and others — all while helping them decrease their costs and increase their ROI.

Case Study Example: Prove's partnership with a creative agency.

A creative agency in San Diego reached out to Prove seeking technical development assistance, and quickly realized Prove’s potential as a digital strategy and media management partner. Here are some of the projects we completed together for GE Lighting.

Blogger Outreach & Social Media For CPG
Prove, in partnership with EFM, was tasked to find and engage bloggers to write reviews about the GE reveal® line organically. All actions had to be trackable and accountable. Prove was brought on board to create a methodology to generate online buzz.

Display Media Management
Prove executed campaigns across various ad networks and specialty sites to target specific verticals and segments with different types of creative to serve all platforms.

Application Development
Prove developed a highly-engaging tool that allowed consumers to easily identify which bulbs to use based on shape, energy, and quality, that seamlessly integrated with GE’s product catalog.

Is your agency is looking for partners that can help you achieve remarkable results and grow business for your clients? Contact us today to learn more about what we do and how we can work together.