Can Facebook Paint Canvas as a Picture of Sustained Mobile Engagement?

What are the challenges of using rich media to advertise on social networks?

  • Low Engagement & Exposure Rates
  • Long Video Load Times
  • Lack of compelling post­-click payoffs for users

These challenges are compounded when working on mobile channels, where marketers often become caught in the middle of a time­spend tug­-of­war: Facebook wants to keep users on its mobile app for as long as possible, while users have limited patience for anything that serves as an unwanted distraction or that keeps them from reaching their intended goal.



Is Facebook's Canvas The Middle Ground We've Been Looking For?

Officially launched at the end of February 2016, Facebook characterizes Canvas as an immersive, expressive mobile­-optimized, post­-click experience. As this TechCrunch article explains, Canvas ads feature interactive elements like animations, carousels, product catalogs, tilt­-to-­view images, and videos that load quickly and seamlessly. They provide mobile device users with a tactile way to explore a brand's offerings, gather vital product information, and even complete a purchase—all without having to leave the Facebook app environment! 

Additionally, these units also remove the technological constraints that low­-power mobile sites typically put on content. Marketers get a full screen of creative real estate to work with, while avoiding the need to develop a mobile­-optimized for consumers to use.


What Do Facebook's Users Think Of Canvas?

The early signs are encouraging. According to Facebook, beta tests by brands such as Gatorade, Michael Kors, Wendy's and Target demonstrate that users generally enjoy these ads:

  • 53% of users who opened a Canvas viewed at least half of it
  • Average viewtime for Canvas ads: 31 seconds


What's The Best Way To Start Using Facebook's Canvas?

These enhanced ads can easily be built with Facebook's code­-free, drag­-and-­drop tools and templates, and Facebook is currently charging companies the same price for Canvas units as a regular News Feed ad. 

We recommend taking a more strategic and aligned approach to incorporating any new ad units into your marketing plan—mobile, social, or otherwise. Marketing successes hinge on a business' ability to sustain interest, support intent, and extend interactions to conversion and beyond.

Would you like to take advantage of Facebook's newest mobile marketing opportunity? We would like to help you use integrate this technique as part of an overall plan for building a loyal, trusting relationship with an engaged consumer—one that will last long after they've admired the Canvas you've painted for them.

Contact Us to discuss the many opportunities for business growth using a smart and scalable multi-channel attribution practices.

What's Up Next?

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