Email: The Lead Generation Engine That Could ... And Still Can!

by Vincent Cevalte (Google+)
Posted on January 25, 2016 in customer-acquisition-retention.

Every time a marketing pundit predicts the demise of email as a viable messaging channel, another study comes along to prove them wrong.

The latest evidence in favor of the oft-attacked marketing workhorse comes from Ascend2 and Allegra, whose summary report on lead generation strategy trends found email marketing to be the most effective online tactic for lead generation. The survey also found email to be among the easiest tactics to execute, compared with tactics such as social media marketing, SEO, webinars, and live events.



Why Is Email Constantly Disrespected?

According to an article recently published on Direct Marketing News, the main obstacle lies in these businesses' limited content creation capabilities. Businesses that aren't able to generate and deliver enough meaningful content to serve their digital channels have little hope of reaching the audience segments and targets they need to acquire new customers — or keep current customers engaged.

Regardless of which media channels you leverage in your marketing matrix, at Prove we believe that content marketing should be the fuel for igniting audience interest at every stage of their buying funnel. That's why every strategy and solution we deliver is built on a strong foundation of content that's customized to the needs of our clients — and their customers.

If your business is struggling to reach your ROI goals — on email, or any of your marketing channels — our content services may be just what you need to get your engine back on track.

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Prove is a new kind of customer acquisition, retention, technology and analytics agency. We are redefining the way marketing works, by having a single-minded focus on results. Our approach minimizes marketing risk and maximizes short-term and long-term results through a disciplined process. Our philosophy is to leverage the power of Mass Personalization to increase ROI while reducing marketing costs.

We call it Acqretention™, the process of converting an anonymous audience that is always just a click away from the competition into Connected Prospects. In this way, we support direct response results, but we retain the engagement of prospective customers who are earlier in the buying cycle.

Our approach involves a framework that ensures marketing success we call Little Bets. We get into market quickly and generate learnings through extensive testing, then go big with the winning ideas, messages, offers, channels and technologies. We'd like to do that for you.


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