Why You Should Create A Customer Journey Roadmap

Customer Journey Setup Checklist

A customer journey tells the story of the customer’s experience from their first interaction with your brand through engagement and their relationship with you. It helps you understand the key points of interaction that a customer has with your brand, and also maps out the user's feelings, movements and questions for each touchpoint.

We watch a journey to see what the customer hopes to achieve.


Why You Should Create A Customer Journey Roadmap

We begin with getting to know your users. You may already have some information about your customers in a database or reports, and you or your colleagues may feel like that information is good enough.

Gathering this existing data is a good start, but often it is out of date. By gathering this existing research you will quickly learn what you know –and what you don't know– about your customer and how relevant the data is.

You have access to many data sources and each has data about your users’ journeys, but this data is easy to read incorrectly. For example, seeing a spike with a lot of incoming traffic on a Wednesday may seem very exciting, but how does it compare to other days and why is it spiking? Seeing an increase in time-on-page might be a sign of an engaged user but, in fact, it may be that they are confused and have to keep reading over and over to understand your point, brand or product message.

Watching and mapping the customer journey across all channels is critical to increasing your KPI’s: sales, form fills, engagement, etc.


Use Our Customer Journey Setup Checklist

We have created a simple checklist for you that helps you envision the proper tools you may need, and get your mind around customer-journey mapping. This checklist is a great start to setting up the foundational layer of thinking and measuring.


Download the guide here and get started on the right track


What does the checklist cover?

  • Website Structure
  • Tracking
  • Goals
  • Content
  • Reporting

Here is an example of what you will find in the checklist.

  1. Website Structure – does your website structure allow for tracking the journey. For example does the URL change for your “thank you” page. This is a common problem especially with older websites. Many times this can sometimes be a virtual page which means the URL does not change and therefore it won’t be tracked when the thank you is displayed.
  2. Tracking – do you have tracking installed on all your website pages? Google Analytics or others? Many only have basic Google Analytics installed. Each page should have unique tracking and goals if there is a call to action.

What's Up Next?

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