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The battle for net neutrality may have faded into the background since the FCC passed its Open Internet Order in early 2015. But Google may be looking to reopen the priority access conversation on a different track: mobile search.

Google recently announced its latest "moonshot project": an experimental app-streaming feature that will enable Android users to access in-app content from a select handful of partner properties when they conduct mobile searches — even if they haven't downloaded the app where that content resides.

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What Does This Mean For Content Platforms?

As discussed in this Business Insider article, the growing dominance of mobile means the best content to fulfill a searcher's query may increasingly only be published within a mobile app, as opposed to living on a company's website.

In-app streaming is one way that tech companies like Google and Apple are taking steps toward creating prioritized mobile pathways to the most relevant third-party content — without taking themselves out of the equation in the process.

However, the industry's move towards techniques like deep linking and in-app content streaming adds an additional layer of complexity to marketing on the mobile channel. The more search is able to funnel the audience's attention into proprietary pathways, the more strategic businesses will need to get if they hope to capture consumer interest at the precise time and place it will have the most impact.

What's Our Take?

Strategic decisions like these are part and parcel to the mobile-first experiences that we at Prove prescribe for businesses that want to remain competitive in today's digital marketplace. We recognize that providing a quality customer experience is tantamount to successful brand marketing, no matter what the channel; so our customized processes are designed to help marketers keep consumers engaged on their own terms — an essential component of building the trust necessary for conversion.

It's simple: when you give consumers a faster, easier way to get what they are searching for, they'll reward you with their loyalty. Let's talk about the best ways to shore up your mobile marketing strategy. Contact Us and we can help you find the most direct path to success.