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One of the biggest challenges in digital marketing is finding the right consumers and understanding how and when to reach them. But what if we told you that access to this valuable information may already be at your fingertips?

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Successful digital marketing depends on your company's ability to access and analyze key customer insights, such as who they are, what their needs and preferences are, and how to guide them toward making a purchase. These data points are so essential to achieving a positive outcome that many companies rely on third­party aggregators to collect it for them using indirect means such as cookies or demographic profiling.

The truth is this is often unnecessary, because your business already has more powerful data at your disposal — data that represents a surer path to better customer understanding and business performance. You just need the right strategy for tapping into it and making it actionable. A recent marketer survey (registration required) conducted by Econsultancy, in association with

Signal, found that first­party data — customer information that brands collect and own themselves — delivers the highest ROI compared to other types of data. And, as discussed in this B2B Marketing Insider post, 82% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that their companies would increase their use of first­party data over the next year.

So, where can you get your hands on this first­party data? We recommend you start by mining your mobile web apps, social media channels, offline points­of­sale, CRM systems, email/SMS databases, and even your call centers. These consumer touch points can provide a fountain of direct consumer insights that can increase your understanding of their buyer's journey and guide your efforts to tailor your brand experience to their needs.

At Prove, we have evolved customer acquisition and retention strategies that enable us to leverage all the first­party data your business is acquiring. We do this by applying mass personalization techniques that increase your ability to effectively engage the right audience, at the right time, and convert them into connected prospects — all while reducing your marketing costs.

Why wait for aggregators to send you data that you already own? Talk to us and learn how we can help you gather, analyze and apply the customer insights that will drive your marketing engine to ROI success.