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By: ProveDev

Just how important is quality lead generation to surviving in today's sales-oriented businesses?

Important enough that 59% of marketers consider it to be the top issue they face, according to the 2015 B2B Lead Generation Report recently published by BrightTalk. Furthermore, the report found that 58% of marketers are planning to increase their lead generation budgets in the upcoming year.

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The question is, will those larger budgets equate to greater success?

Maybe. But maybe not, especially if they are only being focused on reaching consumers who are actively looking to make a purchase.

Marketers typically center their demand generation efforts on identifying in-market consumers and then convincing those leads to buy from them. But as this article we discovered on the Marketing Interactions blog smartly points out, this strategy leaves a rich source of valuable leads on the table; namely, customers who aren't pursuing a purchase because they haven't yet been compelled to make a change —even though that change may be long-overdue.

What's The Solution?

As we see it, the customer relationship management process is cyclical — just as marketers' efforts should be focused on retention goals after a purchase, so should they be looking to capitalize on opportunities to convert untapped or anonymous audiences into connected prospects as early in the buying cycle as possible. To do this requires marketers to analyze the reasons why these consumers may be content to remain in their current situation, and to find the right triggers that might get them to change their minds.

Helping businesses acquire and retain customers through techniques like this is Prove's core mission as marketers. We recognize that every business's goals, needs, and challenges are going to be unique, so that's why we customize every solution and campaign we deliver, and base them on solid insights and analysis that enable us to increase ROI while reducing marketing costs.

In Conclusion….

If you haven't tapped into these hidden opportunities to reach your customers, maybe it's time to consider making a few changes to your marketing matrix. Let us know if we can help you break free from your own status quo. Let's talk.