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Elections are rarely won or lost in the voting booth anymore. Rather, they play out in the virtual court of public opinion — the online and offline forums where voters gather to discover the facts, debate the issues, and determine which candidates are best aligned with their own positions and priorities. These conversations take place way before the polls ever open, and can mean the difference between a campaign that will soar and one that will just bore.

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However, potential supporters can't participate in thoughtful, meaningful discussions about your candidate unless they know what he or she stands for and discover the common ground that will drive them to engage more deeply.

As you know, campaign marketing and management plays an essential role here, providing the information they need — and doing so at the right time and place to capture their attention and influence their decisions. But first, you need to find the most receptive voters in your target population, and forge an initial connection that you can build on through your messaging strategy.

This is where Prove can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Our expertise in working with four key technologies enables marketers to eliminate wasted efforts, reach the right people, and engage audiences in relevant, compelling conversations — on their terms. Read our comprehensive guide to precision marketing to learn how political marketing campaigns can benefit from advanced audience targeting through:

  • Digitally Delivered Direct Mail
  • Social Media Notifications
  • Triggered Direct Mail
  • Dynamic Video Content

Want to learn about the results we achieve? Read through these case study examples from our clients to understand the value that our scalable digital marketing solutions can bring to your business. Take a look at a few examples that illustrate the kinds of benefits we can help political marketers realize through the use of cutting-edge digital media and marketing technology:

Precision hyper-targeting, based on a likely voter's prior behaviors and key demographics:

Prove implemented a comprehensive campaign that helped Fidelity to target users based on their appropriate life stages and trigger points. Our efforts, which included streaming audio/video and contextual and behaviorally stage-triggered display, enabled the insurance company to drive an increase in highly qualified leads —increasing its conversion rates by 100% almost immediately after deployment.

Sequenced storytelling, optimized for delivery across the most relevant channels and devices:

The Prove team was instrumental in helping Monoprice grow its user base and extend its reach by building its messaging platform on a previously untapped content channel. After stabilization of the program, the new channel generated a 4.5 ROI, for an approximate revenue increase of $1 million per year.

Direct mail messaging that is triggered by users' actions and intent:

Prior to Prove's involvement, J2's email communications with customers were not personalized/customized, and its content was disconnected and often irrelevant. Prove led initiatives that enabled the company to utilize dynamically refreshed customer data, automate and personalize email delivery, and achieve double-digit revenue gains by leveraging strategic cross-sell, up-sell, and retargeting opportunities.

If you believe your clients in the public sector (as well as any other vertical industry) might benefit from powerful technological capabilities like these, we would love to start a meaningful conversation with you. Let us know how we can help you address your communications challenges before election opportunities pass you by.