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One of the biggest benefits of providing cost-conscious, performance-driven marketing services is that we get to work with a lot of exciting start-ups— visionary businesses that are on the cusp of transforming their industry, and need help building their brand and customer base.

Search Engine Startup

What To Do When There Is No Search Volume For Your Service Or Industry?

Given this early and critical stage to reach market quickly, there's a particular marketing question we're being asked more and more frequently: What happens when your product or service is in a category all its own — one that's so new, innovative, or forward-facing that there's little or no existing market interest for search engines to steer your way?

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the digital landscape would be full of inventive ideas and powerful products just waiting for the chance to be discovered; still, it's hard to fan the flames of brand passion when you can't rely on search traffic for awareness and interest.

Here's Our Advice:

Armed with the right insights and analytics methodologies, we've been able to help companies master challenges like this, and go on to bring industry-leading change to the marketplace.

  1. Start by gaining a crystal-clear understanding of your existing audience: Use data services to characterize the visitors who actually arrive on your site — not just the consumers that agency planners expect you to reach — and uncover the pathways they followed to get there.
  2. Safely test the theories your data helps you form: It may take a lot of testing before you find just the right marketing concept; so while you are experimenting with various media possibilities, you should simultaneously be minimizing your advertising risk by leveraging more predictable branding techniques, like pay-per-click campaigns.
  3. Implement complete analytics tracking: Evaluate every data point you can get your hands on — from impressions, to conversion rates, to eCRM data — and use your findings to paint a clear picture of what the greatest drivers are of your marketing success.
  4. Try Retargeting: retarget your leads across multiple channels such as social, then compare the results you get against a marketing matrix that uses fewer channels. This will help you understand when lift occurs, what channels work best and why.

Remember – It Takes Time

There was once a time when Google was an unknown entity, struggling to make a name for itself. Today, Google is so well known, its name has become a verb synonymous with search. If your business needs some help making it through the awkward, pre-search phase, we'd love to help you plant the marketing seeds for future success.

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