The Challenge

Knowing they needed to evolve their marketing beyond traditional channels, Credit Associates sought out Prove to craft a SEO strategy to drive sales-qualified leads.

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Grow Leads With Organic Search

Credit Associates was rebranding and transforming their marketing to a digital-hybrid. After building the new Credit Associates website and helping rebrand the company, Prove knew we needed a robust SEO strategy to introduce in-market people to their brand, educate them, and convert them to sales-qualified leads.


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The Prove Approach

Smart SEO Strategy and Focused Content Creation Brought Sales-Qualified Leads

Prove identified keywords where optimization could quickly yield a significant growth in traffic and leads. Using these keywords, we optimized onsite elements, created onsite content, and engaged in link acquisition to appeal to search engine algorithms.

Prove selected keywords with high value but low to medium competition, along with any “low hanging fruit” keywords where Credit Associates was ranking just below the first page for searches so that a small increase in rankings would yield outsized growth in traffic.

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Improved rankings on targeted keywords drove more in-market users to the site.

  • SEO Strategy for Lead Generation

    Identified priority keywords and executed SEO plan for rapid growth in organic traffic and sales-qualified leads.

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The Results

Grew Organic Traffic and Sales-Qualified Leads

By increasing SERP rankings for targeted keywords, we grew organic traffic for in-market users and increased sales-qualified leads

Built A Revenue Driving Channel

  • Grew organic traffic: website sessions increased 78%
  • Traffic and Lead Generation: Increased lead form submissions by 209% and Increased phone calls by 45%
  • Improved business performance by establishing a strong and growing channel that generated a ROI of 63x

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