The Challenge

GE reveal® Blogger Outreach. Prove was tasked to find and engage bloggers to write authentic reviews about the GE reveal® line organically. All actions had to be trackable and accountable. Prove was brought on board to create a methodology to generate online buzz and to produce supporting assets.

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Generate Product Line Awareness & Differentiation

With the launch of their unique GE reveal® line, GE was looking to market in an efficient and authentic way. This particular product line was special because it filters out yellow light, making it ideal for specific home spaces like the kitchen, reading nooks, and beauty counters. In addition to the overall product line, our campaigns supported the launch of the reveal® LED product.

Halfway through our initial campaign, we were asked to co-brand our efforts with Target and expand all efforts to a wider audience, incorporating Target-specific promotions and assets.


video, landing pages, social media posts, sharable graphics, infographics, mobile app, banner ads

Looking to generate organic buzz?

The Prove Approach

Create Product Buzz Organically

We enlisted bloggers in 3 specific niches: beauty, mommy bloggers, and couponers. In order to get maximum reach with an efficient spend, we selected bloggers with a variety of audience sizes, offering each tier their own set of incentives for their posts. While some influencer strategies involve spending and paying for content, we were able to make the process as easy as possible for the influencer in exchange for product and coupon codes for their audience. We were then able to leverage positive sentiment and amplify the organic buzz with social media posts and display banner ads.

To ensure consistency with the content hat was being produced by the bloggers as well as ease for the bloggers, Prove outlined a content marketing strategy including videos, images and press releases to write and share content about the product. To make the project even more enticing for the influencers and their followers, we also developed an incentives for coupons and free products using contests, giveaways, and widgets.

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Creative and copy was drafted around their product and provided to influencers for an organic integration.

  • Developed easy-to-use, compelling content for bloggers to share
  • Ran contests and giveaways that bloggers could share with their audiences, reducing the amount of free product we needed to give out
  • Designed and built a mobile app that created a reveal® photo filter
  • Distributed press releases about new content and product releases
  • Worked with a variety of blogger tiers to expand reach efficiently

Once the audiences were defined, Prove executed a multi-channel plan designed to reach each vertical's organic audience. We used GE Lighting's expansive social media following to circulate blogger posts and quotes, exposing GE Lighting fans to the reveal® product. We also leveraged what we knew about our core audiences to reinforce the messages with banners that featured blogger quotes. These strategies provided symbiosis with the bloggers as well: GE Lighting got great reviews and bloggers could expand their reach.

Since the product was ideal for special circumstances, we produced a widely distributed video-initially only offering it to bloggers to share. We featured 4 LA-area artisans with their own organic followings. We featured a fashion designer, a make-up artist, an interior designer, and a chef doing exactly what we were asking the bloggers to do: a before and after scenario with a normal bulb versus reveal® and sharing their experiences.

  • Create Product Awareness

    Generated product awareness at a low cost with bloggers and influencers.

  • Creative and Content

    Prepared creative and content guidelines to make it easy for influencers to post without much effort and preserving GE's brand elements.

  • Amplify organic traction

    Used GE's social media platforms and paid media to amplify the positive buzz generated by our bloggers.

Generic banner
Couponer audience banner
Banner featuring a couponing blogger quote
Banner featuring a beauty blogger quote
Landing page with resources and assets for bloggers
The Results

Exceeded Campaign Goals with Additional Requirements Mid-Campaign

We drastically exceeded our expected reach and impression targets. Our initial outreach was so successful that halfway through the campaign we were asked to incorporate retailer Target to promote Target coupons, GE products and the Target coupon app, Cartwheel.

Exceeded Expectations

  • Generated over 34 million organic impressions - 5x more than expected
  • Conversion rate was double our goal
  • Over 431 unique posts were generated as part of this campaign, 4x the goal
  • Produced 187 organic reviews of the reveal® product

Ready to drive product preference with influencers?

Prove will create an influencer strategy and campaign that is trackable and successful.