The Challenge

GoodGut wanted to further their current acquisition efforts, drive online sales, and increase store visits with the help of digital marketing.

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Efficiently Drive New Customer Acquisition

As a new company with a lot to prove, the main challenge they faced was to establish and grow their brand while identifying their key customer personas. They also needed help growing e-commerce and in-store sales as well as driving online and offline purchase intent.

Media Channels

Paid Search, Paid Social Media, Retargeting

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The Prove Approach

Combination of Media Channels for Customer Acquisition and Brand Awareness

Prove used a mix of paid search, paid social media and retargeting to acquire and engage potential customers. We conducted a keyword search term analysis to run test campaigns that targeted specific mindsets and medical ailments with different variations of ad copy and landing pages that were designed to speak to these groups.

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  • Identify and Target

    Conduct a keyword search term analysis to test specific mindsets and medical ailments.

  • Creative and Content

    Use variations of ad copy and landing pages designed to speak to each of the targeted groups.

  • Raise Awareness and Engagement

    Use static and carousel ads on Facebook that target specific audiences who have interests related to the product. Those ads are then optimized to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

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Retail coupon for store visit tracking
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The Results

Assisted GoodGut in Securing Second Round of Funding

Throughout this ongoing campaign we were able to show how effective Paid Search as a channel was for ecommerce.

Increased Sales Beyond Expectations

  • Sales and revenue grew 10x while media was running
  • Retargeting was a highly effective channel with an ROI of over 2.7x
  • Identified 3 key audiences for the company to target

Need to drive more sales?

We can utilize paid search to increase your brand and product awareness.