The Challenge

Prove was tasked with demonstrating that Greentique could acquire new customers using digital marketing at a lower cost than they were getting with Online Travel Agencies.

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Efficiently Drive New Customer Acquisition

Greentique was looking to take control of their new customer acquisition and get away from the traditional model of paying for bookings from Online Travel Agencies. Greentique has a number of hotels and tour offerings in varying geographies so campaigns had to be highly segmented.


ad copy, landing pages, ux design

Paid Search

keyword list creation, geotargeting, call tracking, end-to-end tracking

Looking to generate new customers at a lower cost?

The Prove Approach

Highly Segmented Campaigns for Efficient Customer Acquisition

We created highly segmented paid search campaigns with ad copy and landing page creative that spoke to the precise customer mindset of our targeted audiences. Using this strategy we were able to improve conversion rates for all of our campaigns. It also allowed us to gain valuable insights about of audiences for use in future campaigns.

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Custom landing pages to speak to audience mindset.

Once the audiences were defined, Prove executed a multi-channel media plan designed to reach each vertical's target audience, wherever they were in the sales funnel.

  • Find Your Audience

    Created custom keyword lists, ad groups, and geotargets to show ads to the most relevant searches.

  • Speak to Their Needs

    Messaging throughout the customer journey exactly matched each audience and spoke to their primary concerns and motivations.

  • Track Their Behavior

    We implemented end-to-end analytics so we were able to track user behavior from their search through to their conversion to a booking. This allowed us to optimize at each step of the customer journey.

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Conversions from paid search
Cost per lead from paid search
The Results

Beat the Acquisition Cost of Legacy Channels

Our campaigns brought in new customers at an acquisition cost of approximately one quarter of the revenue they generated. This allowed the client to grow their profit margin compared to OTAs and take control of their new customer acquisition.

Created a Revenue Generation Machine

  • Prove that Greentique could acquire new customers at an acquisition cost of roughly 25% of revenue – 5-10% lower than OTAs.
  • Return on ad spend of 4x.
  • Identified scalable campaigns to further decrease acquisition cost as a percentage of revenue.
  • Used insights from audience onsite traffic to modify website and landing page UX and increase conversion rates.

Ready To Take Control of Your Revenue Generation?

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