The Challenge

ISC was having trouble finding surrogate candidates even when they were actively searching for potential agencies. Search engine visibility and poor user experience were causing poor organic performance - traffic volume was low and conversions were even lower.

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Improve search engine visibility for Surrogacy keywords

ISC was having trouble finding surrogacy candidates via organic search due to very limited visibility in search engines. When they could drive traffic, the website was slow and navigation convoluted, contributing to both low search engine rankings and poor conversion performance. The website contained content that was duplicative or no longer relevant, which dinged search engine rankings and reduced the importance of surrogacy-related keywords.

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The Prove Approach

Implement Best Practices. Streamline IA and Content to Inspire Action.

What's good for the user is good for the search rankings, so improving site speed, making menus clearer and cleaner, and removing irrelevant or duplicate content made it easier for users -- and search engines -- to navigate the site and find out what ISC was all about.

In order to make the quickest impact and lower production costs, we worked with what ISC already had, seeking to simply improve its effectiveness. We optimized both the back-end of the site and the front-end content, implementing simple changes with a big impact.

  • Site speed improvements
  • Title tags & meta description updates
  • Internal linking & image optimization strategies
  • Content consolidation to reduce duplication and confusion

  • Improved page load time and site speed

    Changed back-end and front-end code to load content faster, particularly on mobile devices.

  • Streamlined navigation

    Simplified and consolidated menu structures for clearer navigation, putting surrogacy content first.

  • Added SEO best practices

    Edited title tags and meta-descriptions, added internal links throughout, added different media types like photos and videos for more optimization opportunities.

Before & After Navigation Updates
Keyword-rich Blog Content
Average Search Engine Position Changes
Changes in Overall Click-Through Rate
Changes in Mobile Click-Through Rate
The Results

Bumped average search engine ranking up from the third page of Google to the first page

Over 90% of organic search clicks go to listings on the first page. On average, ISC was ranking 25 -- the third page. Our optimizations help boost average ranking to 8 -- the first page. Many of our efforts were designed at consolidating duplicate content and removing content that was no long relevant, leaving only the most important keywords on site. Our other efforst aimed at improving user experience, like improving site speed and navigation, improved how search engine spiders read the site so they could better capture those core keywords.

Improved search engine results and on-site performance

  • Boosted average position from 25 to 8, moving from page 3 to page 1.
  • Improved overall click-through rate 17%
  • Improved mobile click-through rate 35%
  • Improved conversion rate from organic search by 22%

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