The Challenge

Kate Sommerville's DRTV landing microsite was underperforming and not generating positive ROI from media.

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Use A/B Testing to Improve Path to Purchase

New to DRTV, the landing microsite was performing below expectations. With limited ability to change the TV spot, the TryKate team wanted to get more from their website.

Optimization Tactics

A/B testing, SKU analysis, custom URLs, UX changes, Google Analytics

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The Prove Approach

A/B testing homepage elements and navigation paths for better sales

Prove implemented a number of changes and tests designed to improve conversion rate, average order value, and lifetime value. Changes included testing homepage copy, designing multiple paths to purchase, and testing different upsell tactics.

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Tested main CTA on homepage.

In order to increase average order value, we implemented several different variations of an upsell experience. Some versions pitted subscription vs. one-time purchases and others provided product recommendations based on what was in a user's cart.

Initially, users were required to take a quiz to identify which skin care kit was right for their type of skin. We found that while the users who took the quiz were highly engaged and converted at a high rate, the actual majority of users were simply leaving the site without taking a quiz. We built an "express" path where users who knew their skin type could go straight to the appropriate kit without going through several pages of quiz. We found that they converted at higher volumes but lower conversion rates. Combining both options was the winning user experience.

  • Test Call To Action

    We tested a headline that called out Hollywood over one that simply mentioned beautiful skin. The Hollywood version was the overwhelming winner (and the text is even featured on their actual products now!)

  • Build for Different User Types

    Some users knew their skin type and could quickly select the product that was best for them. Others wanted assistance for a more confident purchase. By presenting both paths to conversion, we increased sales.

  • Highlight Subscription Benefits for Higher LTV

    In the conversion path, we presented users with an option for a one-time or subscription product. By testing different ways to present the subscription product, we were able to generate a higher percentage of subscriptions thus boosting customer lifetime value.

Skin type quiz user experience
A/B copy testing results
Changes in conversion rates
The Results

Doubled Conversion Rate

Through A/B testing different elements of the website and user experience, we were able to significantly lift conversion rate and drive more sales with minimal changes to media.

Improved User Experience & Product Positioning

  • Established more effective copy direction with "Hollywood" headline and language
  • Segmented two distinct checkout paths for different user needs
  • Tracked multiple informercials and determined which was more effective at generating traffic and higher conversion rates

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