The Challenge

Monoprice did not have full visibility into the activities on it's website so wasn't able to optimize effectively.

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Gain Full View of Website Activities and Develop Strategy for Growth

As a multimillion dollar revenue company, Monoprice was running strong traffic driving campaigns, but didn't have full view of their website performance and knew they were leaving money on the table.

Deep Dive Analysis

Analytics, Optimization, Digital Strategy, UX Improvements

Could your website be holding you back?

The Prove Approach

Bring Full Visibility To Website Engagement

Add website and event tracking to every page on the Monoprice website for a detailed look into the user experience.

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Featured New Products

  • Add website and event tracking for better visibility

    We added custom analytics tracking on across the entire website. Using the data, we generate a 200 page report with all website activities of the last 2 years as well as identifying the growth opportunities.

Product Reviews
Curated Products
Optimization Process
Traffic Composition Analysis
Conversion Rate Analysis
Funnel Analysis by Channel
The Results

Built a Plan to Drive Revenue Growth

Using the insights from our deep dive we produced a digital strategy containing optimizations along the entire customer journey. Implementing this strategy would lead to a projected revenue increase of $65-$90 million in the next year alone.

Optmizations along the entire customer journey

  • Fast tracking improved user experience and conversion rate
  • Landing page optimization improved conversion rate from paid media
  • Identified SEO & SEM opportunities to scale marketing efforts
  • Identified email opportunities for higher open, click-through and conversion

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