The Challenge

Providence California’s digital media was very fragmented, running as many as six different display campaigns each month with a limited budget, with no differentiation for different targeting. Their paid search campaigns were siloed by hospital and budgets stretched to cover every available service line. The stretched budget and quick turnaround never allowed for much optimization on either channel.

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Unify Campaigns & Improve Campaign Efficiency

Providence California consisted of six Los Angeles-area hospitals, all with their own marketing needs. Previous campaigns had each hospital running its own creative to its own landing page within a very limited geography so as not to overlap other hospitals. Paid search campaigns were all siloed, resulting hospitals potentially competing for the same keywords in shared geographies. The fragmentation also led to a lot of small, disparate data sets causing trends and insights to often go undiscovered and made testing impossible.

Media Channels

Programmatic Display, Paid Search, Paid Social Media, Retargeting, Directories

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The Prove Approach

Combining Strategy & Technology to Expand Reach

Developed cross-channel ad campaigns focusing on service lines provided by all hospitals and affecting the largest groups of people so that banner, social media, and paid search creative could deliver consistent ads that applied to all 6 hospitals. Upon click, the user would be taken to a landing page for the closest hospital to their current location. Each landing page was custom to the hospital so they could highlight specialities, certifications, and other features unique to each location.

Similarly we reduced the number of campaigns within paid search campaigns so that we could do more with a limited budget. By aggressively managing bids so that we allowed room in the budget to reach high-intent long-tail keywords instead of overpaying for broader keywords, we were able to drastically increase conversion rates.

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Landing page for one specific hospital and service line

  • Used different display banner creative based on targeting tactic: contextual, retargeting, and conquesting
  • Consolidated media buys so that instead of buying by zip code, we covered the LA-area DMA, which reduced CPMs and broadened our reach

  • Updated Google Analytics and implemented call tracking for better accountability

    We added custom conversion actions within Google Analytics for more accurate tracking, as well as call tracking since so many users were more likely to call a location than fill out a form.

  • Built dynamic landing pages for dynamic geotargeting

    Used Unbounce and geolocation tools to dynamically update landing page content based on user's location so that they received information for the hospital nearest to them

Before: disparate creative for each hospital that changed monthly
Unified banner for cancer service line version A
Unified banner for cancer service line version B
Unified banner for cardiovascular service line version A
Unified banner for cardiovascular service line version B
Unified banner for orthopedics service line version A
Unified banner for orthopedics service line version B
Facebook Ad for emergency services
Facebook Ad for cardiology services
Facebook Ad for Healthgrades accolades
Performance improvements over time
The Results

Delivered more impressions and more conversions with unified campaign strategy

By combining previously siloed campaign and changing our media buying strategy, we reduced the cost per impression and expanded geography resulting in more evenly distributed impressions across the 6 hospitals, larger reach, and more clicks for the same budget.

With a consolidated data set, we were able to make more effective optimizations over time, driving a higher and higher conversion rate.

More touchpoints and more awareness for less money

  • 72% reduction in overall cost-per-conversion
  • Display banner click-through rate 86% above industry standard
  • 4x improvement to conversion rates over separate campaign strategy
  • Across-the-board improvement to website engagement metrics
  • More consistent brand and creative elements improved brand recognition and awareness

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