The Challenge

Samuels Jewelers was looking to increase online and offline sales by expanding into digital channels for the first time. Digital campaigns needed to drive in-store traffic and ecommerce sales across five distinct brands without cannibalizing other stores.

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Drive More Sales, Offline & Online

Samuels Jewelers has over 100 brick and mortar locations as well as an ecommerce store, under 5 distinct brand names. Prove was tasked with providing digital marketing support for all locations and ecommerce sites to boost sales during the holiday season.


Ad copy, display banners, streaming radio ads, landing pages

Media Channels

programmatic display, paid social, paid search, streaming radio, closed-loop mobile

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The Prove Approach

Finding the Right Audience & Delivering the Right Message

Prove worked with Samuels and industry research to identify holiday-specific jewelry purchasers and their behavior. We then developed holiday campaigns and segmented further based on if people were searching to buy something in-store, like engagement rings, or something online. Simultaneously, we built "always on" campaigns that were served to people with a high-intent to purchase jewelry but not necessarily specifically for the holidays.

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Campaigns drove traffic to retail locations for high-ticket items like engagement rings

Since there were disparate brands often overlapping similar geographies, we employed advanced geographic targeting strategies building large inclusion and exclusion lists in Google Ads and Facebook campaigns. We leveraged closed-loop mobile ads to track how many impressions drove incremental store visits to prove out that exposure to our campaigns was effective.

  • Segmented by gender and age when we discovered differences in shopping behavior between demographics
  • Aggressively managed paid search bids to match conversion behavior for both ecommerce purchases (late at night) and in-store visits (evening hours, after work)
  • Maintained presence in Google Shopping (formerly Product Listing Ads) in order to build retargeting and lookalike audience pools

Campaigns were further segmented for engagement ring shoppers and other products. In our research we learned that people shop for engagement rings in a variety of ways: someone searching for someone else, someone searching for themselves to share with a partner, and couples shopping together. We developed creative that matched each different shopping trend so that users could select which reflected their experience best.

  • Crafted separate messaging for holiday shoppers

    Built distinct holiday campaign landing pages and ads during the Christmas season, segmented by different engagement ring shoppers or non-engagement shoppers

  • Implemented advanced geographic targeting

    To avoid too much overlap between brands, we built out detailed geographic requirements for each media campaign ensuring users weren't being overexposed to ads because they fell into overlapping areas

  • Used closed-loop mobile ads to track in-store visits

    At a time before Google and others were offering in-store information, we used closed loop mobile to measure incremental lift in store-visits, which filtered out users likely to come to the store anyway to measure the true impact of our campaigns

  • Updated analytics and tracking infrastructure

    We cleaned up and added customized goals and events in Google Analytics. We also installed Google Tag Manager for streamlined implementation of media tracking tags.

Banner ads targeted at "proposees"
Banner ads targeted at "proposers"
Website modal allowed the user to quickly choose why they were on the site
In-app mobile ads
"Proposer"-targeted landing page
The Results

Identified key market segments that resulted in high conversions and click-through-rates

Prove discovered critical insights into Samuels Jewelers' audience targeting and customer behavior, both in store and online.

Engaged target audiences

  • 5x lift in store visit rate over more traditional efforts
  • Beat industry average CTR by over 60%
  • Drove over 1,600 high intent customers to select Samuels' stores within two months
  • Monitored time to purchase, validating the hypothesis that higher value items need longer lead times between ad exposure and purchase so we could adjust flight dates and frequency accordingly

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