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Marketing Automation Director (Marketo/Eloqua)

Prove’s Marketing Automation Specialist is responsible for delivery of the full spectrum of Marketo and Eloqua-related consulting services, including data, settings and programs migration from Marketo to Eloqua, setup of Eloqua staging and production instances. Additionally the Specialist should have extensive experience delivering segmentation, program and campaign creation, lead scoring, landing page information architecture. Ideally the Specialist will be experienced in developing and communicating program strategy, success metrics targets and reporting setup and delivery.

Strategic Responsibilities

  • Identify, gather and document customer and campaign requirements
  • Translate campaign and business goals into actionable buyer journey, personas, customer targeting and segmentation strategies to drive campaign performance
  • Describe data segmentations to create targeted workflows for each email campaign deployment
  • Identify assets and resources needed for each campaign
  • Make success metrics recommendations and sell them in internally and to clients
  • reate data infrastructure, hygiene and implementation strategies and project plans
  • Support translating business goals into measurable and actionable objectives, and make strategic recommendations on program building, tracking, reporting, benchmarking and analysis in order to measure performance against objectives
  • Recommend and implement campaign testing approaches to determine best plan of action including A/B testing and multivariate testing
  • Setup operational procedures for establishing naming conventions and folder structure, streamlining internal alerts, managing bounces, creating subscription centers, optimizing CRM integrations, reporting on lead source attribution, etc.
  • Work with account leads to deliver strategies, recommendations and ongoing projects successfully
  • Keep up to date with emerging marketing automation and CRM platforms which may create consulting revenue opportunities for the company

Execution Responsibilities

  • Act as a day-to-day resource for agency teams and assist in reporting and analyst functions
  • Set up Marketo and Eloqua programs, marketing funnels, testing and troubleshooting, and provide ongoing maintenance
  • Develop and maintain monthly reporting, accurately and on time
  • Assist team members with complex analytical and ad-hoc requests as needed
  • Recognize and assist in solving data problems and inconsistencies
  • Support Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce.com integration initiatives
  • Technical aptitude and strong problem-solving skills are expected
  • Generate analytics reports and provide analysis
  • Candidate should be flexible and be willing to be part of an energetic team focused on delivering quality client solutions
  • Create and train appropriate internal and external users to deliver campaign reports, dashboard, and other reports as required
  • Communicate campaign results and analytical findings effectively to internal and external stakeholders
  • Implement effective quality assurance processes to minimize mistakes and errors
  • Troubleshoot system instances and campaigns as issues arise
  • Maintain expertise in system API connections and data management/sync approaches with a variety of CRM systems

Experience and Capabilities:

  • At least 3 years working with Eloqua and Marketo
  • Achieved and maintain a Marketo or Eloqua Certification
  • Proven ability to listen to client needs and interpret appropriately
  • Proven ability to identify, communicate, and mitigate risks
  • Proofread and quality control both manual and automated analytic reporting
  • Prioritize deliverables
  • Communicate with clients in a professional manner
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