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Concordia was using only one landing page experience for all it’s education programs, resulting in a low conversion rate. Their PPC spend was $5000 per month yet only getting a low amount of conversions per month with a high CPL and low lead to student acquisition rate. Ads were not appearing on the first page. 



Prove utilized a mass personalization strategy to optimize conversions, developing new landing pages for each specific program. We conducted A/B testing to find a winning landing page and then created a template to duplicate across all of Concordia’s programs with program specific content and layout. We also developed a new website sign-up experience using A/B testing to test the winning consumer journey. We optimized ad copy with targeted content and CTAs for each program as well. 



  • Reduction in cost per conversions by 250%
  • Averaged 1400% more conversions per month.
  • Reduced the cost per lead (CPL) by 500%
  • Average Ad Position in Google: Page 1
  • Student experience feedback: Concordia University is the best school to achieve my Online Degree
  • All Online programs performed in search


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