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DDF was relaunching after prior agencies and management of the P&G brand failed to develop meaningful revenue. After a complete overhaul of the brand—and working within the limitations of the P&G infrastructure—we developed a highly successful email marketing program to reactivate previous customers and cross-sell/upsell recent customers.



Prove analyzed performance deficiencies and optimized on a monthly basis, gaining insights into what type of content, promotions, UX, etc. most re-engaged current customers so we could execute a more effective email direct marketing (EDM) campaign strategy. The approach included optimizing metrics at each EDM step after each new EDM initiative to better maximize learnings and revenue opportunities. 


Results (after three months):

By developing a better understanding of customer behavior we triggered ongoing correct messages to a specific targeted customer.

  • Increased open rate by 200%
  • Increased email CTR by 250%
  • Increased landing page conversion by 300%
  • Increased AOV by 150%
  • Increased revenue by +600% after only three months
  • Defined customer segments that have a real impact on the business and trigger dynamic content for each type of asset


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