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Essia Health – Email & Landing Page Development


“We engaged Prove to lead the strategy and broad development of Essia Health’s digital presence to drive online conversion and optimization of the acquisition funnel. Prove’s approach was based off robust channel modelling and testing to optimize all aspects of digital spend.”

– Brendan McClure, Essia Health, CMO


Developing Pardot marketing automation assets internally was taking too much time, resources and cost for Essia Health. They were not able to meet their digital acquisition strategy needs effectively or in a timely manner. Essia Health tasked Prove to produce email and landing page templates  for Pardot (their marketing automation platform).

Essia Health is a growing healthcare services and consulting firm providing scribe services to doctors and medical specialists. They work with medical clinics, centers and hospitals who require ICD-10 and IMR implementation consulting and ongoing support.


Build responsive and actionable email and landing pages templates under Pardot to efficiently execute any type of marketing campaigns (landing pages, PPC, EDM, etc.) at low cost without involving creative and developers.

  • Our deliverables were to include:
  • Wireframes
  • Designs
  • Responsive development
  • Pardot settings implementation compatible with Pardot code structure and actionable elements (tokens and snippets)



  • Essia Health’s marketing team can now create landing pages and emails that pull any type of data they need without involving IT or Design.
  • Reduced by 10x the turnaround time to create new email or landing page assets
  • Reduced by 20x the cost to create email and landing page assets
  • Increased CTR, conversion rates, and revenue for multiple marketing campaigns


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