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GE Lighting – Product Finder for Business Use



LED Replacement Finder – GE Professional Sales Team used old-fashioned printed materials to help business customers find the LED replacements needed to replace outdated halogen bulbs. Prove, in partnership with EFM, was tasked to digitize the experience by creating an LED Replacement Finder Tool featuring ALL replacement bulbs GE Lighting offers.



Create a simple-to-use widget on GE’s Professional website for business customers to be able to more easily find the LED replacements they needed for their halogen bulbs. This approach included:

  • User Experience Planning
  • Technical specification for implementation in GE CMS system
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Data Integration
  • Analytics Specification and Implementation


We developed a highly-engaging tool that allowed users to easily identify the type of halogen bulbs they needed to replace in 2 steps.

  • Tool integrated with GE Lighting’s product database featuring over 100 products
  • Can be used on any Tridion page and is leveraged as gated content for email collection
  • View the tool here:


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