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Energy Savings  Education. GE Lighting needed to help consumers shift from traditional incandescent bulbs to energy efficient alternatives, The challenge was that most consumers were not familiar and reluctant to make the change. GE needed to educate consumers and transition them to make the change. Prove, in partnership with EFM, was tasked to create an engaging tool to educate consumers on how easy it is to make the switch and on cost and energy savings.


Design and build an interactive easy to use widget to help consumers understand the benefit of making the switch by helping them understand the money they would save if they switched their old bulbs to energy efficient bulbs.

  • Creative Design and UX
  • Development
  • Analytics Specification & Implementation
  • Embeddable widget for bloggers


We were able to build a fun tool to help users identify how switching their old bulbs for comparable energy efficient bulbs would save money and and energy.

  • Widget was easily shared on social media and by bloggers
  • The widget doubled website pages-per-visit
  • Bounce rate was 10x less (4.9% vs. 44.59%)
  • The widget doubled average time on site


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