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Grosh Backdrops & Drapery offers a world-class collection of backdrops, depicting a variety of landscapes and other scenes for theatrical productions and special events.


Grosh’s website was outdated: the layout was not responsive and did not render properly on mobile devices, and the products were spread across three separate websites with different URLs. Despite the outdated structure and platform, the Grosh website ranked well for related search queries, and while their internal team worked to migrate the website to a more organized, user-friendly platform, Prove ensured that the migration’s effect on search-engine visibility and drop in organic search traffic would be minimal.


Prove studied the website content, sitemap, and product hierarchy and organization to provide user-friendly recommendations for the UX and navigation, file naming conventions, URL architecture, 301 redirects and mapping of URLs. We worked closely with Grosh’s internal teams to oversee this implementation during the website transition, following these 4 steps:

Content Organization: we produced category and product page content to reinforce and strengthen organic rankings for these search terms, I.e. “tropical backdrop rental”

Onsite Optimization: we ensured that all of the onsite data, including the meta tags, header tags, alt-image tags, and internal links, were accurately written and applied to each page

Technical SEO Audit: Google Search Console allowed us to closely monitor the website before, during, and after the migration to ensure an uninterrupted organic search presence

Backlink Strategy: we discovered and removed several unfavorable “spammy” links from low-rated sites and executed a new backlink strategy with content from more relevant, highly-rated sources


As a result of the preparation and post-migration SEO efforts, the decrease in organic search traffic and rankings was completely minimal. Specifically, we managed to:

  1. Retain existing high rankings and increase positions #1 to #3 for non-branded product search terms. See the mint-green columns in the chart below
  2. Increased Google organic search traffic by 24% from April 2016 to September 2016 compared to the previous year


It’s not uncommon to see diminished search rankings and a drop in organic search traffic after a website migration, but using smart SEO practices and preparation efforts can ensure that these dips are minimized.


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