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To develop cross and upsells as well as win-back opportunities with the company’s email initiatives. Each J2 product/brand had its own database and structure and its software usage data had not been integrated into its existing email application so the entire business ran substantially as a basic email blast company. Their email communications with customers were not personalized/customized and their content was disconnected and often irrelevant. Cross- and upsell and win-back opportunities were entirely missed.



Do a deep dive discovery across their software platforms and a conduct a visioneering process. We led the project to build core data fields and custom data objects, data import and export as well as requirements for recalculating dynamically refreshed data in their data warehouse prior to import. Implement an email ESP that J2 could use to send personalized messages to their customers. Prove selected Eloqua. 


  • Eloqua implementation.
  • A complete integration across J2’s top 10 products/brands.
  • In 7 months, templates were developed, workflows activated and SaaS software usage information leveraged in triggering workflows.
  • Cross-sell and retention metrics showed double digit improvements in revenue.
  • Email programs became automated and personalized based on usage, contract type


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