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Optimize eCommerce Conversion Rates



Improve Analytics and Conversions.

The site was underperforming and needed conversion rate improvements to generate positive ROI on media. Prove set up and monitored analytics to identify changes to site and user experience that increased immediate conversion rate and lifetime value of customers. We used multivariate testing to find quick fixes that enhance the path to conversion.



Prove initiated A/B testing of home page elements. We conducted regular analysis of express vs. custom consultations checkout paths. We used SKU analysis to track one-time vs. continuity purchases and identify the behavior of each type of customer. Using custom URLs we tested different infomercials against each other and analyzed referral traffic.



  • Identified more effective design elements and doubled conversion rate since first media run
  • Segmented the two “consultation” checkout paths and identified custom consultation as more effective
  • Tracked two different infomercials to identify which drove more web traffic and which generated a higher conversion rate
  • Increased ecommerce conversion rate from 3.5% to 6.2%


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