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Media Plan Unifications for Providence California Media Plan Unifications for Providence California



Providence California’s digital media was very fragmented, running as much as six different display campaigns each month with a limited budget, with no differentiation for different targeting. Their paid search campaigns were siloed by hospital and budgets stretched to cover every available service line. The stretched budget and quick turnaround never allowed for much optimization on either channel. See "Before" example: each banner series represented a different hospital with several calls to action, different health focuses, inconsistent application of brand elements, and a disconnect between the varioushero images. 

The challenge was to unify campaigns across hospitals and service lines in order to address target audiences effectively enough to begin to drive web traffic, phone calls, and on-site visits.


We worked with the marketing directors for the region and for each of the six hospitals to come to consensus on a unified approach that still addressed each hospital’s needs.

  • Developed separate creative and messaging for different display targets (contextual, retargeting, and conquesting)
  • Narrowed contextual campaigns to just three service lines that were offered by all six hospitals and allowed them to run for six months, A/B testing creative and optimizing placements
  • Matched contextual services lines to paid search campaigns, narrowing the number of service lines covered by paid search but creating much more robust campaigns, allowing for better coverage of high-intent, long-tail searches
  • Consolidated media buys from zip-code based to the entire Los Angeles DMA, directing clicks to a landing page that detected the user’s location and automatically served content for the closest hospital



By unifying the campaigns so that display and paid search worked in tandem, delivering the same message across channels, we improved results from what we’d been seeing from siloed campaigns. See "After" image: consistent application of brand and creative elements, cohesion between the hero images, and results that demonstrate campaign success.

  • 72% reduction in overall cost per conversion–improved media efficiency
  • Display banner click-through rate 86% above industry standard
  • 4000% improvement to conversion rates from previous campaigns
  • Improved website engagement metrics:
    • Lower bounce rates from paid traffic
    • Increased average time on site per visit
    • Increased average pagewivews per visit


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