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In the process of building marketing programs for the end of the calendar year 2014, Medtronic Diabetes noticed that a large number of their patient email addresses were being automatically blocked by Marketo (Medtronic’s chosen marketing automation system).  In one case ⅔ of a list was lost, resulting in a potential loss of significant renewal revenue for their MiniMed Insulin Pump.



First we needed to identify why the emails were being blocked. Marketo blocks emails for three main reasons: email is marked as “invalid” (from hard bounces), the lead is placed in “Marketing Suspended” (a kind of internal temporary opt-out), or the lead had unsubscribed. In the first two cases, we discovered that those states had been set once, but never changed even after the lead record was updated. In other words, even if an email address had simply been marked because of a typo, and later corrected, Marketo’s “Email Invalid” flag was never lifted, therefore those leads were lost.

We ran a number of corrections to remove invalid flags and keep the system updated on the fly going forward.



Medtronic was able to send outbound end-of-year emails to all eligible leads, without missing a single lead due to incorrectly set flags. All “email invalid” and “marketing suspended” states are now maintained automatically, resulting in a cleaner data pool.

  • Successfully recovered eligible entries
  • 150% increase in valid/available emails for renewal marketing lists
  • Cleaner data
  • Reduction in errors
  • Reliable automated process, relieving marketing operations staff from the necessity of manually maintaining data


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