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Medtronic’s primary entry point for a web lead is their “Get Started” form. When the form was first implemented several years ago, it was designed to feed responses directly into their CRM  and included a secondary form that was deeply detailed and complex. Over time, requirements changed, but the form remained. Because it was integrated directly with their CRM (Salesforce) and bypassed the Marketing Automation system (Marketo), issues began surfacing around reporting consistency, campaign performance, and overall flexibility. When the original campaign was retired Medtronic Diabetes needed to update their campaign attribution.


  • Coordinate with Medtronic's internal sales, marketing, and IT teams
  • Execute discovery process to listen for multiple business needs between the teams
  • Review the relevancy of the lead form
  • Determined that the form fields and UX could be simplified for higher quality submissions



With the form now housed successfully in Marketo, Medtronic Diabetes has access to relevant and consistent reporting data, and because their Marketo and Salesforce systems are integrated, data that comes through the Get Started form can sync automatically into Salesforce, allowing the sales team access to the exact same data, giving the digital marketing team the flexibility to update campaign attribution and other details on the fly.

  • Increased flexibility
  • Streamlined customer journey to reduce data duplication
  • Delivered consistent reporting across all marketing programs
  • Reduced customization (lowering operating and maintenance costs and increasing robustness)
  • Increased efficiency in the sales process


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