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Monoprice – Content Management System (CMS)


"The Prove team has been tremendously helpful to Monoprice in not only increasing our marketing effectiveness, but also in helping us identify and address the pain points in our business. They have been instrumental in helping us execute a number of key UX and online marketing projects, thus increasing our potential for attracting new customers and driving more revenue. We are grateful for our strong working relationship with Prove." 

– Luke Grant, VP of Marketing, Monoprice


Monoprice was running very strong campaigns, driving traffic to landing pages. But, the landing pages were underperforming (conversion rate, revenue) for paid and organic campaigns.



Build a Content Management System (CMS) to efficiently create responsive landing pages for any type of marketing campaign (products, categories, offers, etc.) at a low cost without involving creative and developers. Our deliverables were to include:

  • Wireframes and designs
  • Functional and technical specifications
  • Additional functionalities such as social media sharing
  • SEO implementation, products database call out, search facet creation, A/B testing, Google Experiment API


Monoprice’s marketing team is now capable of creating landing pages that pull any type of data they need without involving IT or Design.

  • Reduced by 10x the turnaround time to create a new landing page
  • Reduced by 20x the cost to create a new landing page
  • Increased CTR, conversion rates, and revenue for multiple marketing campaigns


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