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"The Prove team has been tremendously helpful to Monoprice in not only increasing our marketing effectiveness, but also in helping us identify and address the pain points in our business. They have been instrumental in helping us execute a number of key UX and online marketing projects, thus increasing our potential for attracting new customers and driving more revenue. We are grateful for our strong working relationship with Prove." 

– Luke Grant, VP of Marketing, Monoprice


Monoprice's current paid media digital campaigns were not delivering the results they wanted and were not meeting their goals. Monoprice wanted a rapid category campaign setup and optimization execution for each of their product categories and to determine if or not they can have PPC market share with an ROAS=3 in just 60 days.



Prove worked with Monoprice’s marketing and product teams to create a tailored optimization process.

  • We set up 30 campaign categories within 4 weeks.
  • Our approach included setting up the following “best practices” to ensure the desired results during a rapid ramp up:
  • Keyword List Creation
  • Campaign Settings (search, targeted, etc.)
  • Targeted Ad Group
  • Ad Copy Recommendations
  • ROAS Daily Optimization Approach
  • Tracking and Reporting



  • Revenue increase: $225,000 per year
  • ROAS of 5.4x
  • Helpful insights into audience performance to modify website and landing page UX to increase campaign efficiency


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