New Customer Acquisition for Greentique Hotels /

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New Customer Acquisition for Greentique Hotels


Greentique Hotels is a luxury hotel chain in Costa Rica and a leader in sustainable tourism and hospitality.


Greentique's entire new-customer acquisition was done through tour operators, and the hotel chain sought to take control of their future by developing their own sources of customer acquisition, and at a lower cost than online travel agencies (OTAs).



Prove ran test campaigns in Google AdWords, targeting specific user mindsets with ad copy and landing pages designed to prove that customers can be acquired at a lower cost than OTAs.

This process entailed:

  • Keyword List Creation
  • Campaign Settings (search, targeted, etc.)
  • Geotargets
  • Targeted Ad Group
  • Ad Copy Recommendations
  • Landing Page UX Recommendations
  • ROAS Daily Optimization Approach
  • Call Tracking and Recording
  • Full Metrics Tracking and Reporting
  • CRM Synchronization with their Sales Team



  • We were able to prove that Greentique could acquire new customers at an acquisition cost of roughly 25% of revenue – 5-10% lower than OTAs
  • ROAS of 4X
  • Identified scalable campaigns to further decrease acquisition cost as a percentage of revenue
  • Used insights from audience onsite traffic to modify website and landing page UX and increase conversion rates


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