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Prospect Mortgage is a home-loan mortgage lender, with branches located across the US. Although they’re headquartered in Sherman Oaks, CA, their individual branches are managed privately across the country. This separation presented a problem for the brand’s communications to realtors and homebuyers across social media and crowd-sourced review channels. Not only was the digital experience inconsistent, but the offerings and services were unclear to the two audiences.



Brand Searches Filled with Negative Reviews

A search for Prospect Mortgage produced results that were peppered with negative reviews and news coverages, outranking other web properties owned and maintained by the company. 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Negative reviews hurt a company’s reputation and affects conversion. Negative business reviews from high traffic, 3rd-party content sources can easily rank higher than the company’s social media accounts and other properties being maintained by the company. Their online reputation needed to be managed.

Convoluted Community Management

A lack of social presence and personality delivered an inconsistent social media experience for audiences. Social channels, such as Facebook, allow brands the opportunity to share curated content with audiences, facilitate discussions and the spread of ideas, and to communicate one-to-one with customers and fans. This requires audience loyalty, which can only be earned with relevant messaging and active availability.

Disenfranchised Yelp Profiles

Crowd-sourced review platforms are an important component of offsite SEO efforts, because of their potential to refer website traffic, phone inquiries, and in-store visits. Prospect Mortgage’s Yelp profiles lacked a consistent brand tone of voice, and the nomenclatures varied among branches. Whatsmore, more than 20 locations were unclaimed and missing Calls to Action.


SEO is primarily a content marketing effort–not a siloed service. This case study demonstrates that SEO efforts are most effective, and yield the greatest returns, when several factors, both internal and external, are streamlined.

Here’s where we focused our efforts:

Create Separate Profiles for B2B and B2C

Creating two different Facebook profiles to speak separately to homebuyers (B2C) and real estate professionals (B2B) would allow Prospect Mortgage to tailor messaging and content to audiences with vastly different interests. A community assessment revealed that real estate professionals comprised more than 75% of the current page’s Likes; therefore, we decided to grow the existing page as a B2B channel and launch a new B2C channel.

Grow B2B and B2C Communities

We produced an acquisition strategy to quickly grow each community, and also establish best practices for brand voice, content sharing, and community engagement.

  1. Step 1: Earn new page Likes with sponsored posts, contests, and webinars
    Homebuyers (B2C) were encouraged to participate in contests and giveaways by sharing content: photos from their house-hunting experiences, stories of finding their dream homes, and offering advice to other homebuyers, with the chance to win cash prizes.

    Real Estate Professionals (B2B) were invited to attend webinars that addressed local real estate, working with clients, and career-development strategies. This type of thought-leadership content helped to establish Prospect Mortgage as an authority within the industry.
  2. Step 2: Hold audience interest by regularly sharing organic content.
    These social media efforts positively impact organic website traffic, since the profiles are linked to the brand’s main website.
    • B2C
      • Homebuyers
      • Choosing a Realtor
      • Homestyles & Décor
      • Financial Management
    • B2B
      • Real Estate Professionals
      • Client Management
      • Networking
      • Career Growth


Yelp Cleanup and Unification

Our content team developed a consistent tone and voice for the brand’s Yelp profiles, while our SEO team advised on content direction for nomenclature and primary listing information. Because many users discover businesses through 3rd-party listing sources, the use of consistent naming conventions, addresses, and service descriptions must be prioritized.

We also delivered content guidelines for responding to customers, both to acknowledge positive feedback and resolve negative customer experiences. In many instances, negative reviews can be softened with a positive interaction between the brand and consumer.

Once the pages were complete, we implemented a display banner campaign within Yelp to increase local branch page visits.

Decrease Search Ranking for Negative Results

Google’s search algorithm prioritizes relevant content to match a user’s query, and gaming search engines with black-hat tactics is no longer an effective SEO tactic. To outrank the negative results, we implemented these content strategy tactics:

  • Create microsites with unique URLs and relevant content sponsored by Prospect Mortgage
  • Build a network of quality content publishers as part of a backlink strategy


Results for Reputation Management

We successfully cleaned the company’s brand-name search result pages by outranking negative results, using owned social media properties and Web 2.0 properties. We also pushed 6 unfavorable search results from page 1 to beyond page 2.

Results for B2B Community Growth

Our sponsored social media posts tripled the total number of monthly webinar registrations. This 3-month campaign earned more than 60K new Likes for the B2B page.

Results for B2C Community Engagement

Our 30-day Halloween home décor contest earned more than 11,000 new Likes for the B2C page.

Yelp Results

By claiming existing locations, creating profiles for unlisted locations, and deleting outdated listings, we were able to double the total number of Yelp Listings under the Prospect Mortgage brand.


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