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Providence – SEO Audit For Website Transition



Providence Hospital California had acquired Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica under its wing of hospitals. They undertook the merging of the existing Saint John’s Health Center website under the umbrella website. The content under Saint John’s Hospital were cut down significantly and tailor fit for the Providence website format, content and URL structure, among others.

The whole transition led to some of the specialty centers, specifically its Brain Tumor Center to lose its traffic, visibility and search engine rankings. Calls from patients dropped by 80% and the resident surgeons and doctors were not happy.

The Technical SEO Audit produced several findings, which included:

  • An incomplete XML Sitemap, missing out an entire hospital section
  • A not so desirable and user friendly Menu Navigation Structure 
  • Form completions going to a defunct email address due to the transition
  • High traffic URLs not redirected to the next, best URL equivalent on the new website
  • High quality links to contact and request a change in URL


Prove’s Technical SEO Audit goes through a thorough Technical Site Audit Checklist to identify any and all site health issues that could affect a website’s usability, search engine visibility, indexability and therefore, rankability. Especially with website transitions, there are many factors to look at, plan for and take care of prior to making the transition. Every website transition is unique, and the first thing to ensure is to not lose any of the SEO juice that a site has already built and earned.

Prove’s Keyword Research and Keyword Selection Strategy were also implemented onto the new site. These were a combination of keywords that the center was already ranking for but lost, as well as identifying other search terms that were matched user intent and profitable.

The Google Search Console is a great tool to use, especially for website transitions. This is a direct line to the Google Gods and offers many tools and reports about the health and performance of a website.


About a week or two into the implementation of the fixes and under recommendations, Providence Saint John’s and the Brain Tumor Center slowly gained back its rankings for major search terms, as well as other long tail keywords.


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