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Quixote Studios’ web presence did not reflect the company’s status as a Hollywood production industry leader. They were not appearing in search results for many of their main products, and their overall website traffic volume was low.


Evaluate their website and product offerings to find key areas for improvement. Create a content plan for improved search engine indexing and increase keyword rankings. Leverage the website as a lead generation tool for users who are new to the Quixote brand.


Within 6 months we increased traffic to the website by 50%. We also doubled exposure to search engines by increasing the number of keywords that Quixote ranks for 100% in just 4 months by executing the following initiatives:

  • Fixed technical on-site problems to streamline search engine indexing
  • Identified keywords likely to be most effective in raising pagerank
  • Combined paid search efforts to ensure presence on all relevant searches
  • Developed on-site content highlighting all Quixote’s various departments
  • Reached out to industry and local area blogs to place offsite content and generate inbound links
  • Implemented phone tracking to trace leads back to SEO initiatives


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