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“As an entrepreneur, I need to understand exactly what is happening and what will happen with my business. Prove has been tremendously helpful in outlining exactly what needs to be done to accomplish the goals I have for Staff Me Up. They have valuable industry expertise, and they offer full transparency into the digital strategy they’re developing that leverages proven methods.”

– Jared Tobman, Staff Me Up CEO and Founder


Paid-member retention is one of Staff Me Up’s primary business challenges as an entertainment production job listings site. Results from a post-cancel survey revealed that many premium subscribers valued the service but but did not see the full benefits they were expecting as a paid member initially after they signed up.


After an assessment of user behavior over several months, Prove determined that premium subscribers who used the premium feature, Work Alerts, had a higher lifetime value than those who did not use the feature. These Members remained members for longer periods of time and were also generally more active on the site as it was obvious they were looking and booking work through the site using Work Alerts. With this knowledge we designed an email sequence that would target premium subscribers who were NOT already using the feature, and encourage them to do by outlining the benefits and results.


Prior to the campaign launch, 60% of all premium subscribers used the work alerts feature in April 2015. As of November 2015 the total number increased to 75% of all premium subscribers. That’s a 25% increase with the use of the eCRM campaign.

We also tested multiple subject lines per email leading to an email open-rate increase of 10%.


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