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Launch 92-year-old Hollywood legendary TV producer, Norman Lear and raise awareness for his new memoir, “Event This I Get to Experience” on Facebook and Twitter. The goal was to make Mr. Lear relevant (again), to a younger audience unfamiliar with his 1970’s iconic TV shows such as “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons”, as well as remind his core audience of how his shows influenced their lives.



Launch Mr. Lear’s social presence on Facebook and Twitter to jumpstart promoting his book.

Target 2 audience personas to market the memoir:

  • Millennials: never heard of Norman Lear but maybe knew of his shows. Messaging highlighted Mr. Lear’s civil rights activism and controversy to excite and engage this audience.
  • Gen X/Baby Boomers: Familiar with Mr. Lear and his shows. Messaging highlighted pop culture nostalgia and connection to childhood. Plus how Mr. Lear shaped their generation’s opinions about social issues.


Managed organic community management and generated all content in the voice of Mr. Lear

  • Built organic community calendar of thematic content
  • Executed original content daily included quotes, opinions, excerpts from book, and our weekly Meathead of the Week.
  • Produced and executed original videos and created memes featuring Mr. Lear and characters from his famous shows



Paid Campaigns (Facebook & Twitter)

Executed several mobile, desktop and right hand campaigns promoting his memoir and press tour.

Themes included:

  • Pre-order Book campaign
  • Book Release campaign
  • Black Friday Holiday campaign
  • Engagement, likes and follows growth campaigns
  • Partnered with Penguin Publishing on social sweepstakes strategy to give away special DVD box set of the show “The Jeffersons” for the holiday campaign




  • In 3 months: over 14,000 Facebook page likes, over 6,900 Twitter followers
  • Facebook Page Likes ads saw over 5% click through rates
  • Tweet engagement rates over 25%
  • Sweepstakes (5 DVD box sets): over 840 entries in just 3 weeks
  • Meathead of the Week Campaign and Memes averaged between 22%-27% engagement every week.


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