What’s Happening?

  • Two bidding strategies that were popular with advertisers focused on maximizing reach and brand awareness are going away.
  • Any campaigns that don't switch will be rolled over to a new bidding strategy called Target Impression Share.
  • Most advertisers will be left behind if they don’t act.
  • Rolling existing campaigns over to a new, untested strategy won't work for most brands.
  • Have a Search Marketing expert evaluate and determine if it best meets your marketing and business goals.
  • To make sure you don't get left behind, add a Paid Search Strategy Session to your custom quote today!

The Prove Method

  • Prove focuses on quality traffic and conversions and can help overcome this shift.
  • We work with you to deeply understand your business goals and objectives.
  • Using a thorough audit of campaigns and strategies, we make sure you are using the best strategies and tactics to meet your goals.
  • Do you need better performance from your Paid Search campaign?
  • Add Paid Search audit to your custom quote and get more customers now!

Get More Info

  • Google is getting rid of two useful tools for advertisers.
  • This signals that Google is fully committed to Target Impression Share.
  • Are you losing a tool that you've relied on?
  • Is this new strategy right for you?
  • Read more on our blog.

Talk to Us Before Your Campaigns Take a Nosedive

Penfolds Google Search Ads Bidding Strategies Testing

Penfolds ran a test campaign using Target Impression Share and we found that in underperformed compared to other campaigns using bidding strategies focusing on driving quality traffic efficiently.

Providence Health and Services Digital Media

Worked with 6 regional hospitals to unify disparate campaigns more better efficiency and most cost-effective results.

Samuels Jewelers Digital Media Campaigns

Ran comprehensive multichannel campaigns across all five retail store brands to drive in-store and online purchases.