What’s Happening and Why It's Important

  • More and more websites are being built in modern JavaScript frameworks like Angular or React because it allows for cheaper builds and faster load times.
  • This language is not immediately available to Google when crawling the site.
  • Google sees a blank page, doesn't index it, and sites don't show up in search results.
  • Sites built in JavaScript need to be set up to Server Side Render (SSR) which allows Google to read the code on the site and appear in the search rankings.
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The Prove Method

  • Our developers think as marketers when building a website.  
  • We just don’t build a website without thinking of downstream consequences. 
  • We build website with a marketing focus, thinking about how we're going to get users to your site and how they'll behave when they are there.
  • We always consider SEO, Analytics, and Conversions before building.
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Get More Info

  • Modern JavaScript frameworks are gaining popularity but needs to be done properly or else it will hurt SEO.
  • Is a React or Angular site right for you?
  • How will this affect your site's search ranking?
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